Association EST 1987Affiliated to FFKDA. KME is a very special training & Close Combat Jiu Jitsu and Special Military. Gun – Knife – Stick Disarm are learned and in KME G K S Disram program. Commandant G. Athos is our Expert Military. KME is one of the best fighting and teaching combat methodsWe train and share with Special Forces in Europe & USA.

Those techniques taught to special Units… such as Police BAC – LAPD – FBI – SWAT – Military… Hard core training, good teaching and improving The C O M B A T I V E S SPECIAL PROGRAM of K M E.

KME welcomes new representatives.

Headquarters in France

We are affiliated with FFKDA and officially recognized. All French students are licenced in FFKDA, foreigners can be as well, if they ask for it. KME can have them licensed to  our association, with KME passports, KME licences, if not licensed with FFKDA or KME we have another option, it is to sign an agreement, KME agreement and then stay licensed in their country. KME is known because of its way of training, of sharing and exchanging good methods, values and ethics. We are in contact with many Masters and Experts in FFKDA, FEKM, KMU, IKMF, IKA, The Gracie and Royce Gracie Academy…  we like to train and share… That’s KME.

(We often have some requests, we welcome, new students and representatives from all over the world… we ask for good quality traininggood ethicsgood values – in KME, no politicsno religions on Facebook pages or sites… and of course,  to respect KME training, techniques and standards. For more information, please contact us).

KME is represented in : Brazil – Cyprus – England – France – Iran – Italy – Mali – Spain – Senegal – Tunisia – USA

KME has a lot of Kempo-Jutsu techniques (Simple way of Fighting, techniques, Forms, etc.) This integration into a federation brought us recognition from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, allowing us many benefits, such as the ability to claim a State Certificate (under the French – European Laws).

Master B. Nordine has been teaching since 1984,  he created his Association in 1987.) we teach modern ways of training and fighting : MMA / Kempo Defense / Krav Maga / CrossFit – Body Combat…

We have been contacted by Krav Maga experts to improve and exchange some techniques… We Still have some contacts with IDF Instructors and Military friends to adapt and keep our KME association at the Best level.

KME is one of the most efficient combat/fighting methods... We always use kempo techniques, kempo-jutsu adopted to modern way, urban, street fighting…



 At the very first, it was the Kempo-Jutsu Association, created under the terms of the 1901 law on associations in order to promote the practice of Kempo and Jiu Jitsu (Guishindo), both ‘Traditional Self-Defence’ martial arts.

The Association emerged from Mr Guyetand’s Guishindo  »old » school and Mr Guyot’s school of Traditional Kempo, under Mr Nordine Bouhassoun’s leadership. While keeping the same fighting spirit, our style has been influenced by the best of techniques, including Sensei Murakami and Sensei Harada’s work on anticipation. ‘’Kase Ryu’’ – Jean-Pierre Lavorato’s personal work on circular movements shows us a new way towards improvement. The modern ways of fighting such as MMA – Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu  »Combatives » and Krav Maga, were adapted as well ( in the late 80s). The KME Association became affiliated with the FFKDA (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines) in 2001 under the name Kempo-Jutsu, while keeping its characteristics (Simple way of Fighting, Techniques, Forms, etc.) This integration into a federation brought us recognition from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, allowing us many benefits, such as the ability to claim a State Certificate (under the French – European Laws). Now its been a long time (Master B. Nordine started teaching in 1984, created his Association in 1987.) we teach modern way of training and fighting : M M A / Kempo Defense / Krav Maga / CrossFit – Body Combat…

Kempo is a common name for Chinese Kickboxing martial arts. Mostly practiced in Okinawa, (started around the 15th century) it became a form of ‘Karate’ with the influence of Japanese nationalism in the early 20th century. When Karate – Judo – Aikido started to be specialized in a form of training, kempo always used all techniques, the most efficients ones… No competitions, no rules, thats kempo-jutsu.

Kempo 拳法

Kempo is the designation of Chinese Martial Arts in Okinawa, Japan.

  • 拳’Kem’ or ‘Ken’ means ‘fist’. In Chinese ‘Quan’ is most often used for boxing (Tai Chi Chuan).
  • 法’Po’ means ‘law’ or ‘rule’ in Japanese. It is the same character as ‘Fa’ in Chinese.
  • The Chinese word ‘Quanfa’ means boxed martial arts.
  • The character ‘Jutsu’ 術was added in order the recall the ‘martial’ side of the discipline.


Kempo uses all of the body weapons to strike: hands, fists, elbows, feet, knees, shins, and even the head. Depending on the situation, they can be used either in a transfixing or forceful manner.


‘Katame Waza’ (neutralisation techniques) are applied to ‘Atemi Waza’. They are used to block the opponent’s blows, while preventing him or her from pulling free. These techniques are particularly effective as they help neutralise an opponent quickly and definitively.


‘Nage Waza’ are the simplest techniques possible that can be applied to ‘Atemi Waza’. In our school, they consist of placing oneself in the most advantageous way to the opponent’s attack, so as to create imbalance and project him or her to the ground.


Created from a combination of Kempo and Stretching, this discipline is attractive because of its dynamic energy, (with music & rhythm) creativity and constant evolution, put in place by Mr Nordine Bouhassoun.