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Association EST 1987Affiliated to FFK 

KME Concept is a very special training …

A Mix, Best of Self Defense ( Close Combat or Krav Maga ) techniques.

Close Combat – Jiu Jitsu and Special Military training :

Gun – Knife – Stick Disarm are learned in

KME G K S Disram program.

Commandant G. Athos is our Expert Military.

KME => Kempo Method Europe or Krav Maga Europe is

One of the best fighting and teaching combat methods …

We train and share with Special Forces in 

E U R O P E   – Africa – Asia  &    U S A 

Those techniques taught tspecial Units

Such AS Police BAC – LAPD – FBI – SWAT – Military .. 

Hard core traininggood teaching  and 

improving The C O M B A T I V E S


KME welcomes new representatives.

More about us…

Headquarters in France.

We have our Association and who ever wants can be affiliated with FFKDA and officially recognized.

Most French students are licenced in FFKDA, foreigners can be as well, if they ask for it. KME can have them licenced to  our association, with KME passports, KME licences, if not licenced with FFKDA or KME we have another option, it is to sign an agreement, KME agreement and then stay licenced in their country. KME is known because of its way of training, of sharing and exchanging good methods, values and ethics. We are in contact with many Masters and Experts in FFKDA, FEKM, KMU, IKMF, IKA, The Gracie and Royce Gracie Academy…  we like to train and share… That’s KME.

K M E was first European, now KME is International KME International is  KMI : Africa – America – Asia

KME is represented in : Algeria – Brazil – Cyprus – England – France – Gabon – Germany – Greece – Ghana – Guinée Conakry – Iran – Italy – Mali – Mauritius – Morocco – Nepal – Portugal – Spain – Senegal – Tunisia – USA

( We often have some requests, we welcome, new students and representatives from all over the world… we ask for good quality training – good ethics – good values – in KME, no politics – no religions on Facebook pages or sites… and of course,  to respect KME training, techniques and standards. For more information, please contact us).

Krav Maga Europe KME, Kempo Mma Experts was created from « Self-Defense » martial arts (Close Combat – Krav Maga in Hebrew).

We like to train as Europeans, even if Israeli Krav Maga have improved a lot and brought a new way of training and fighting.

Master B. Nordine has been teaching since 1984,  he created his Association in 1987.) we teach modern ways of training and fighting : M M A / Kempo Defense / Krav Maga / CrossFit – Body Combat… Using still the Kempo Method Europe… K M E. That is Krav Maga Europe its a Concept ( Kempo + Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu is KME as Kempo Mma Experts …) KME as the Concept is using the Best of Mixed Self Defense techniques…

Krav Maga means Close Combat (this we have  always done) K M E / Krav Maga Europe, as Krav Maga became very popular, we have been contacted by Krav Maga Experts to improve and exchange some techniques… We Still have some contacts with IDF Instructors and Military friends to adapt and keep our KME association at the Best level.

KME is one of the most efficient combat/fighting methods... We always use kempo techniques, kempo-jutsu adopted to modern way, urban, street fighting…. That’s KME. Krav Maga Europe.

KME / Kempo Method Europe see Kempo…